Why Missi’s bath and body treats? 

Missi’s Xquisite Boutique was founded when the Artisan realized that each member of her family had different epidermal issues. 
From her husband who suffered with a mild case of eczema, her daughter who has severe sensitive skin allergies and herself who has acne prone skin due to it’s oily nature.                                                                   
After making the decision to resign from her job and become a stay at home mom, as time went by, she felt the need to do something productive with her time while the kids were at school and her husband was at work.
She then decided to venture into making and testing products for hair and skin after doing some extensive research.
Her first product, a Shea butter mixture for skin and hair was given to her sister who suffers from dry skin.
She was amazed with the results.
After making more products, she distributed to her family members to try and they loved it. 
One family member offered to pay her to continue supplying her product. 
This is when she realized that her new hobby could be turned into a business.           
Now with enough encouragement, this became the birth of Missi’s Xquisite Boutique as of December 2019. 
All of Missi’s bath and body treats are handmade. One thing we can guarantee in each and every treat sold is that all our products were made with ounces of LOVE.
We want all of our customers to have a great experience in ordering, receiving and most importantly, using our treats.
Here at MXB we want you to take care of yourself not just your skin and hair but also mentally.
So thank you for choosing us and always remember to Xquisitely treat Yo’self.